Wednesday, June 1, 2011


 (FrenchLa meute) is a 2010 Franco-Belgian horror film directed and written by Franck Richard. It stars Philippe NahonÉmilie DequenneBenjamin Biolayand Yolande Moreau. The film is about Charlotte and Max who come across a restaurant. After Max disappears, Charlotte returns later to find him and gets himself trapped in a cage by the restaurant owner, who has a pack of cannibals with her. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on 15 May 2010 and was first shown in North America at the Fantasia Festival. The film has received generally negative reviews.
A young female traveler, Charlotte (Émilie Dequenne) gets into a fight with a group of bikers. After this, she meets Max, a hitchhiker. The two stop off at La Spack, a rundown roadside eatery run by a woman (Yolande Moreau), after whom the restaurant is named. The biker gang reappears and is chased off by the owner of the restaurant. Moments later, Max vanishes after heading to the bathroom. Charlotte elects to investigates at nightfall to the spot where Max disappeared. Charlotte later finds herself bound and caged, a prisoner of La Spack, who sees her as the next meal for her brood, a pack of cannibals.(wikipedia)


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