Friday, April 29, 2011

Tuki Brando

 (born 1990) is a fashion model and actor from Tahiti and currently the face of Versace menswear. The son of Cheyenne Brando and Dag Drollet, he is the grandson of Academy Award-winningAmerican actor Marlon Brando and Golden Globe-nominated Tahitian actress Tarita Teriipia.
Tuki Brando's mother, Cheyenne Brando, was the daughter of Marlon Brando and his third wife Tarita Teriipia, a Tahitian whom he met while filming Mutiny on the Bounty in 1962. His father, Dag Drollet, was killed by his mother's half-brother, Christian, in 1990, before Tuki was born.Cheyenne Brando, suffering from alcohol and drug abuse was committed to a hospital and diagnosed with schizophrenia shortly after Tuki's birth. She committed suicide in 1995, by hanging herself in her mothers home. Tuki was subsequently raised in Tahiti by his grandmother Teriipia.
Despite seeing his grandfather regularly while growing up, 13-year-old Tuki Brando was omitted from the elder Brando's will, estimated to be worth over $22 million dollars. Brando's will did include Teriipia, friends and nine of his children. (wikipedia)


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