Tuesday, March 22, 2011

 (born on January 13, 1977 in MadridSpain) is a Spanish matador
Rivera made his novice debut 'con picadores' on March 26, 2005. On September 9, 2006, he took his 'alternativa' to become a full matador in the bullring with which his family is most associated in Ronda with his brother, Francisco, as his 'padrino.'He cut four ears of the two bulls he fought that day.
In 2007 he was on the cover of Vogue next to Penelope Cruz for an editorial titled 'Made in Spain' shot by Annie Leibovitz
On his bullfighting time he is dressed by Armani.Cayetano Rivera and Giorgio Armani met in Valencia in 2006 and it was the Italian designer who proposed to design this very special suit for him. Armani specially designed the bullfighting costume, called the ‘Goyesco’ for Cayetano, for the ‘Corrida Goyesca’, that was to take place on September 6th, 2008 in Ronda, Spain. Cayetano’s suit of lights was in the Goyaesque style. Years ago, also painter Pablo Picasso designed the same costume for Cayetano’s father. Though, an incident in Palencia where he got caught on the bull's horn prevented him to participate on the awaited occasion and it was postponed to September 6th, 2009.Cayetano along with José María Manzanares and Miguel Ángel Perera cut 8 ears that day of which the likes of Duquesa de Alba and Victorio & Lucchino were present.
In the season of 2009 he fought in 58 festivals and cut 77 ears, ranking him as number 6 in Spain on the Escalafón Matadores, the 'Matadors Ladder', up from number 16 in 2008.(wikipedia)

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