Friday, December 31, 2010

Angelina Jolie portrayed Grendel's mother in the 2007 Robert Zemeckis film, Beowulf. Some teachers and scholars have stated that her portrayal in this cinematic adaptation deviates from the original poem including being portrayed as a shapeshifting "seductress" who seduces Hrothgar (making him the father of Grendel) and Beowulf (making him the father of the dragon) as well as the the elimination of the battle sequence between Grendel's mother and Beowulf which (in the poem) ends with her death(source: zimbio)
 is one of three antagonists (along with Grendel and the dragon) in the work of Old English literature of anonymous authorship,Beowulf (c. 700-1000 AD). She is never given a name in the text.
The nature of Grendel's mother in the poem is the subject of ongoing controversy and debate among medieval scholars. This is due to the ambiguity of a few words in Old Englishwhich appear in the original Beowulf manuscript. These words, particularly "ides, aglæcwif" (ll.1258a-1259b), appear either in conjunction with Grendel's mother or with her place of dwelling (a lake). Some have a specific significance within the context of Germanic paganism.
Grendel's mother attacks Heorot in revenge, and Beowulf ventures into her lake-based home called Grendel's Mere. When Grendel's mother senses his presence, she immediately attacks Beowulf and drags him into her home. They then engage in fierce combat. Grendel's mother nearly defeats Beowulf until he sees a sword in the "mere." He uses the sword to kill Grendel's mother and to behead the corpse of Grendel. Beowulf then returns to the surface and to his men at the "ninth hour"(source: wikipedia)


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