Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ryan Idol (born August 10, 1966) is an American actor who performed in gay pornographic movies in the 1990s. He has French, Irish, and Native-American ancestry. Idol describes himself as "the creation of Marc Anthony Donais."

In February 1989, Idol appeared as the "Man of the Month" centerfold in Playgirl under his birth name Marc Anthony Donais. This appearance launched his modeling career and introduced him to the adult film industry, in which he achieved notoriety and success under the name Ryan Idol. While Idol was working in the gay adult industry, escort service manager David Forest alleges that he managed Idol's career as an escort, with Idol allegedly bringing in $1,500 for a four hour session.Idol retired from the adult industry in 1996.
On March 20, 1998, Idol was seriously injured after falling from a window of his third-floor apartment in New York City. He considers the fall to be a "near-death experience"Idol has stated that he doesn't recall jumping but that "the drugs and alcohol took over."
In 1999, Idol starred in the play Making Porn.Idol next played "Bill Tom" in the gay love story Scent of Rain, written by Mark Dunn, for which he was lauded for "continu[ing] to establish himself as a capable actor". Idol made his Broadway debut when he played the "Crisco Patron" in the Roundabout Theater Company's 2007 revival of Terrence McNally's The Ritz.
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