Monday, June 28, 2010

nicola farron
dean cain
alessandro gassman
michael bergin
marcus schenkenberg
antonio sabato
mark wahlberg
marc singer
miles o'keeffe
john allen nelson
brad davis
lou ferrigno
perry king
ken norton
joe d'alessandro
giuliano gemma
fabio testi
franco nero
paul newman
mickey hargitay
tab hunter
sal mineo
jeams dean
steve reeves
buster crabbe
ramon novarro
rodolfo valentino

Saturday, June 26, 2010

was born in Chesterlfield 23 november 1959. Caulfield attended the Prestigious S.Pauls school in London,He later became a go-go dancer at Raymond Revue bar.a famous striptease club in London.Best known for his role as Michael Carrington in the musical film grease 2 (1982) however, the film was a critical and commercial disaster, and his career was seriously affected..In the 2000s he was a cast member in the long running soap opera Emmerdale.

.In 1980 Caulfield, then 21, became the third husband of actress juliet Mills.
filmography: " dynasty "1985-1986 "the boys next door" 1985 "the supernaturals "1986" "waxwork 2 "1992 calendar girl"1993

Friday, June 25, 2010

jason momoa

1979 hawaii, best known jason loane in "baywatch" and ronon dex in "stargate atlantis"
soon as new conan in the up coming remake "conan" 2011

Thursday, June 24, 2010

rosie velez (divine) "lust in the dust" 1985
claudia( kirsten dunst)" interview with the vampire" 1994
dolores (dominique swain) "lolita" 1987
lady lou (mae west) "she done him wrong "1933
elle driver(daryl hannah) "kill bill" 2003
wilhelmina slater (vanessa williams)"ugly betty"
jennifer(megan fox) "jennifer'sbody "2009
red queen" resident evil"
ursula "the little mermaid "1989
red queen (helena bonham carter)" alice in wonderland"2010

queen akasha

from the movie "queen of the damned" 2002 the beautiful Aaliyah as the queen akasha

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

conan the barbarian and summer lovers both shot in 1982

she was an accomplished acrobat
in 1989 she died in car accident

1957 paris 1989 french actress

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