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Vanessa Italian American model actress
she worked for Giorgio Armani ,l'oreal ,Calvin Klein
acting career: asterix at the "olympic game" 2008

Princess aura ,played by italian actress ornella muti in the 1980 movie "flash gordon"

24 march 1960 new york. former model.
best known for her role in "the woman in red 1984"

the sexiest Fleshy lips i have ever seen ....

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directed by jennifer lynch ,the film is based on the legend of NAGA,is about
a snake woman whose mate is captured by an american hunter.
The snake woman decide to take revenge on the hunter.

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Joey Stefano

Bitrh: 1968 death:1994
Pornographic film star.
He began dancing in gay nightclubs,while dancing,he met a gay porn star took him to west holywood and introduced him to the porn industry.
He starred in many porno movies until the early 1990's,eventually becoming one of the most
recognized names in the gay porn industry.
However ,his life was a constant roller coaster ride ,mainly due to his drug habit.
He died from a heroin overdose at his apartment in california in 1994.
His body was buried in Pennsylvania next to his father.
During his lifetime ,he was the subject of rumors (some of them spread by himself) regarding his relationship with prominent entertainment industry .

"dick tracy"1990 directed by warren beatty
the movie is based on Chester Gould's comic book series.
madonna is breathless mahoney....
in 1990 she began madonna blond ambition world tour.
dick tracy is one of the few better and successful movies that feature madonna.
At the time of filming, madonna had a relationship with dick tracy director ,producer,actor warren beatty.

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BRENT CORRIGAN(1986) is a model,actor ,gay pornographic actor.
He is best known for his role in "schoolboy crush".
Corrigan started his career in pornography in 2004 at "cobra video" as a young twink model,he quickly became one of cobra's most famous performers .
In september 2005 ,corrigan made the claim that he falsified his identification documents to make his first films,being underage when these were filmed.
This statement resulted in much controversy causing many of his films to be pulled from distribution channels .
Corrigan also appeared in the movie"another gay sequel"funny parody of gay interest movie.

marlene dietrich 1935
claudette colbert's version of cleopatra
jane russell 1956
norma talmadge

TRAVIS BANTON (1894-1958)was the chief designer at the Paramaunt Pictures .
He is considerate one of the most important hollywood costume designers of the 1930s.
An early apprenticeship with a high-society costume dressmaker earned him fame,when MARY PICKFORD selected one of his dresses for her wedding to DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS,his reputation was established.
He opened his own dressmaking salon in New York ,and soon was asked to create costumes for ZIEGFIELD FOLLIES.
In 1924 travis moved to hollywood when paramount contracted with him to create costumes for his first film.
Banton designed clothing for POLA NEGRI and CARLA BOW in the 1920.
Ultimately travis may be best remembered for forging the style of such hollywood icons as CAROLE LOMBARD,MARLENE DIETRICH,and the inimitable MAE WEST.
Actresses he designed for:
LORETTA YOUNG in "the crusades"1935
MARLENE DIETRICH in"shanghai express"1932 "the scarlet empress"1934 and "the devil is a woman"1935
MAE WEST in "i'm no angel"1933 and "belle of the nineties" 1934
BETTY GRABLEin "moon over miami" 1941
RITA HAYWORTH in "cover girl"1944

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The original and most widely known catwoman,selina kyle,first appears in batman 1(spring 1940) in which she is known as the cat.
As adversary of batman ,she was a whip carrying burglar.
Michelle Pfeiffer portrayed the character in 1992"s BATMAN RETURNS.
as selina/catwoman,formely a quiet and shy secretary for max shreck, selina transforms into catwoman afer an attempt on her life.
She becomes a romantic interest for bruce wayne and deadly adversary for batman .She has nine lives ,manifesting as supernatural ability to live through mortal injuries eight times.

Joseph Sayers (born october 15,1983) is a male model.
Joseph worked for campaigns polo underwear ,DSquared and MACY'S.
He was memorably photographed by steven Klein wrestling with lucas Kerr for french vougue.
And appeared in a tv commercial for ESPN and a music video for the pet shop boys.

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artena,rome italy
from dover (uk) to calais(france)
bridge to wales . severn bridge (uk)
long beach(usa)
sardinia( italy)

the winner :marisa miller....

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